Your search for knowing Capgemini’s impact on the tech industry ends here. Capgemini, being the platinum sponsor of NTLF or NASSCOM Technology Leadership Forum 2024, is filing a report from its research institute. Technology leaders worldwide, along with tech providers, CEOs of product companies, start-up entrepreneurs, digital innovators, and other tech-savvy people, will attend the In the Business Meet Tech global platform to be conducted on February 20 to 21, 2024, in Mumbai. All of them, including the platinum partner Capgemini, will craft a convergence of many advanced technologies for innovation at its best in the physical summit. Ashwin Yardi, the CEO of Capgemini India, confirms that Gen AI or generative artificial intelligence, will be a disruptive force for elevating human capabilities and intelligence ahead of the NTLA summit. 

Continue reading this blog until the end to know how Capgemini will impact the tech industry worldwide for businesses to flourish with innovation.

What role does Capgemini play in the technology industry?

Capgemini is an over half-a century-old multinational IT services & consulting firm with over 350,000 skilled staff to help digital transformation for companies in over 50 countries. In 1967, Capgemini started in Paris, France, embracing the changes in the business world to empower companies to adopt them and become market leaders. Even before the internet explosion in the ’90s, Capgemini partnered with companies worldwide to leverage technology for all business needs, from planning to designing and managing operations cost-effectively. Capgemini has developed expertise in cloud computing, generative AI, data analytics, advanced software, digital engineering, and more in the last few decades. 

What is Capgemini’s impact on the tech industry?

Capgemini partners with 85% of the 200 big companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list to help them adapt to the evolving changes in the tech industry. It focuses more on GenAI or generative artificial intelligence in the many business fields like marketing, operations, customer service and others. The technology experts at Capgemini have a passion for innovation to streamline operations, simplify complex issues, solve big problems quickly, and give a human touch to technology to its partners. Also, the report Embracing a Brighter Future: Investment Priorities of 2024 by Capgemini Research Institute gains prominence. The report’s significant finding is that sustainability has become critical for most surveyed organisations. Also, it confirms that 52% of surveyed businesses plan to take green initiatives in the coming 12 to 18 months. 

The above facts confirm that Capgemini is at the forefront of positively impacting the tech industry, providing innovation at its best to help companies adapt to the rapidly evolving technology changes worldwide. Investing in Capgemini unlisted shares is thus a great investment. 

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