Look no further if you want to know why and how to buy unlisted shares like Byju’s shares.  Unlike a few years ago, investors now buy pre-IPO shares from reputed brokers for its many advantages.  A few include high-potential shares like Serum Institute, NSE, Byjus, and others that are not available on the stock exchanges and could only be bought from the grey market.  Like Serum and NSE, Byju’s share price is worth billions of dollars, but it has yet to come out with an IPO to list on the exchanges. In recent times, Tata’s unlisted shares, after coming out with an IPO, have given substantial returns to its investors in the grey market.  

So, check out why and how to buy unlisted shares like Byju’s to reap the benefits of extraordinary returns, portfolio diversification, and more. 

Why buy unlisted shares like Byju’s shares?

The unlisted share market is booming in India, though more overdue than the developed countries, but with enormous potential to increase.  There are many reasons for this, including using advanced technology to increase transparency and decrease doubts about issues with improved safety and easy transactions. Also, for many reasons, the top revenue-generating and profit-making organizations or even institutions like NSE have billions of dollars in revenue and millions of dollars in profit. Byju’s share price also has a valuation of over 22 billion dollars in 2022, and it is ranked second among the most valuable unlisted shares by top experts in India. The following are the many reasons to buy unlisted shares at the current Byjus stock price to have high returns. 

Most of the top unlisted shares are pre-IPO shares, as there are more possibilities of coming out with the initial public offering to get high returns.

For many reasons, the high-potential NSE, Byju’s shares, and others are unable to issue an IPO but post excellent results with high revenue and profit, making them the best investments. 

Top investors worldwide, like Buffet, the late Jhunjhunwala, and others, buy unlisted shares at low prices to utilize their vast potential to become the top-listed shares in exchanges.

Another significant reason for investors to buy pre-IPO shares is portfolio diversification. Unlisted shares in diverse sectors can yield extraordinary returns compared to those listed on the exchanges.

How do you buy unlisted shares like Byju’s shares?

Having seen the many reasons why you should buy unlisted shares, like Byju’s, it is time to learn how to do it effortlessly and safely. Gone are the days of investors like you worrying about the safety of buying pre-IPO shares, as technology now provides the utmost transparency and facilities to purchase and keep the unlisted shares safe in the DP or depository account.  Upon an increase in Byju’s share price, it could sell it to the top broker to sign and deliver it to the buyer and pocket the profit. Contact a reputed platform such as Stocikify to learn more about the advantages of buying unlisted shares like Byju’s and how it can yield higher returns than investing in the stock markets.

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