Cropped tops have long been a favourite in many women’s wardrobes. Looking at the trends, top fashion brands, like ONLY, have launched more variations of the styles now than ever before. It is time to revamp your fashion collection of crop tops and pick your favourite oversized cropped T-shirt to style with baggy jeans, ripped jeans, and other types of denim and skirts.

There are countless ways to style cropped t-shirts and create a chic look for any occasion. Here are some tips to ace your look with a cropped t-shirt and various jeans types.

1.    Baggy Jeans: Balancing Comfort And Style

The baggy jeans women love to wear are the perfect balance of comfort and style. Pairing them with a cropped t-shirt creates a balance between a relaxed and stylish look. You can partially tuck your cropper t-shirt from the front of your baggy jeans women like to wear, to add a bit of shape while keeping the casual essence. Try layering with long cardigans and adding depth to your outfit. Complete your look with chunky sneakers or platform shoes while adding a touch of height.

2.    Ripped Jeans: Edgy And Bold

Ripped jeans styled with cropped tops bring an edgy and rebellious touch to a look. Graphic tees best complement the edgy vibes of ripped jeans. So, amp up your style quotient by styling them with graphic print tees, studded belts, layered bracelets, and combat boots or high-top sneakers. This combination will reinforce the edge appeal and keep you fashion-forward.

3.    Skinny Jeans: Sleek And Chic

Nothing can beat the charm of skinny jeans for women to create a sleek and polished look. Styling them with cropped t-shirts adds a playful and casual element to the overall appearance. Opt for high-waisted skinny jeans when styling with cropped tops. It gives the silhouette a pleasing shape and draws attention to the waist. Try a monochrome outfit, like black skinny jeans paired with a black cropped t-shirt, ankle boots, or strappy sandals, for a streamlined appearance.

4.    Mom Jeans: Vintage And Trendy

Mom jeans with a loose fit and high waist are popular in retro style. When paired with these loose-fitted mom jeans, a fitted cropped top creates a balance of proportion. To define the silhouette of your ensemble and tighten your waist, wear a belt with a fashionable buckle. Complete your vintage vibe by pairing the outfit with retro sneakers or loafers. Wearing mom jeans and a fitted crop top together gives you a stylish yet relaxed look.

5.    Wide-Leg Jeans: Bold And Breezy

In this new fashion era, wide-leg jeans are spectacularly back in style and trending once more. Their cold and breezy silhouette, when paired with a cropped T-shirt, creates a dramatic vintage style.


In conclusion, follow these tips to create chic looks with cropped T-shirts and different Jeans. Check out top fashion brands, like ONLY, for more stylish options of tees and tops. Pair them with trendy bottoms to make a fashion statement everywhere.

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